About Us

AustAsia Real Estate Pty Ltd was established in 1978 as a business broker and real estate agency, assisting with business advice, property investment advice and the acquisition and sale of properties.

Today AustAsia Real Estate Pty Ltd is part of the AustAsia Group, an independent group of companies specializing in providing fully integrated financial solutions with strong family values.

AustAsia Real Estate has strong ties with AustAsia Finance Brokers Pty Ltd and Master Settlements and can assist with all of your real estate buying, selling, leasing and management needs.

Austasia Real Estate Pty Ltd is located central to Perth on Newcastle Street in West Perth just off the Freeway North, at the Charles Street offramp.

Our Team

  • Simon Chesson (Director)
  • Jeanette Chesson (Director and Office Manager)
  • Lian Nurliansyah (Manager)
  • Derick Botha (Property Manager)
  • Harrison Willett (Team Leader, Real Estate & Settlements)